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The Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company has so far completed over 840 km ...

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Maga Piyasa

The MagaPiyasa Holiday Resort, managed by the MNRCE offers you economic...

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Training School

Located in Kundasale, just 7 km away from the City of Kandy, 350 m from the Kandy-Mahiyangaya main road...

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Message from The Hon. Prime Minister


Development goals of the country are possible mainly through development of roads. The road development projects comprised the rehabilitation and upgrading of existing roads. Accordingly, Maga Neguma is the first national level road development programme.

Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company was established under the Road Development Authority with the approval of the Cabinet. During the past few years Maga Neguma Road Construction Company has completed a number of road development projects. Hence, I presume that as a well-known and experienced company the Maga Neguma Road Construction Company could play a pivotal role in Sri Lanka’s Road Development.

Ranil Wickremesinghe

Prime Minister

Maga Piyasa
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