The Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company (MNRCE) is ably assisted in its national endeavour by no less than 03 plant sites located at Peliyagoda, Ganewalpola and Ambalangoda. These plants have thecapability to produce the raw material required for Maga Neguma projects in various parts of the island. Supervised by our Plants Division, the main activities of these plants include the production of asphalt concrete, cement ready mix concrete, tar decanting, metal production and quarry production. Our asphalt plants are strategically located to cover the island-wide project requirement and have a capacity of 250 MT per day. We also supply asphalt concrete to the Road Development Authority and other entities to meet their maintenance requirements.


Peliyagoda Plant Site

Head Engineer:Mr. T.L.D. Peris
Address:81/5, New Nuge Road, Peliyagoda
Telephone:(+94) 716 847 130
Fax:(+94) 112 914 173

Premix Plant 60 T/H
Tar Melting Plant (decanting) 50 T/day

Premix Plant - Capacity 60 T/H
Tar Melting Plant (decanting) – Capacity 50 T/day

Genewalpola Plant & Metal Quarry Site 

Head Engineer: Mr. A.L.A.N.N. Athapaththu
Telephone:(+94) 716 847 172
Address:Ganewalpola Road, Kekirawa
Telephone:(+94) 252 264 200
Fax:(+94) 252 264 200

Premix Plant 90T/H
Metal Crushing Plant 200T/H
Concrete Batching Plant 35 M3/H
Quarry Site IML- A

Ambalangoda Plant Site

Head Engineer:Mr. K.R.D.R. Kumara
Address:Galagoda, Kuleegoda, Ambalangoda
Telephone:(+94) 716 847 114
Fax:(+94) 915 672 900

Premix Plant 60 T/H