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Message from the Hon. Minister of Highways and Road Development

Historical records indicate that there has been a well-established road network in Sri Lanka since the third century BC. During the British rule, International sea routes had trading and commercial links with the harbours. According to the geo-political structure of Sri Lanka and the roads connecting to the land and the harbours, it was a major advantage for the export of materials and goods. A well-structured road system reflects the economic and political stability, as well as the development of contemporary social and cultural progress in a country.

The greatest road density among South Asian countries is known to have been in Sri Lanka. However, the infrastructure was neglected due to various reasons which has caused the disrepair and deterioration of roads. The increasing traffic congestion by 6% every year has compelled the government to increase the road capacity and has further made prominent the need for significantly better road quality management and maintenance. Over the years, this has encouraged an escalated growth in Sri Lanka’s construction services sector which has aided the country’s rapid economic development.

Maga Neguma has played a pivotal role in upgrading the standards of infrastructural development during the past years. The expertise and professionalism that Maga Neguma applies in their operations and constructing of road systems as well as the high standards of technical knowledge they possess is a testament to the quality of their craft. In a challenging business such as construction, risk is an unavoidable phenomenon. In order to mitigate the risks as far as possible, Maga Neguma has stimulated an improvement of the risk management strategies they apply to the projects they undertake.

I sincerely applaud the efforts of the Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company and believe that they will achieve their company vision of empowering the general public of Sri Lanka through the construction of an effective network of roads, which directly impacts the livelihood of every citizen and the Sri Lankan economy at large which ultimately contributes to sustained economic prosperity.

Hon. Johnston Fernando

Minister of Highways and Road Development

Maga Piyasa
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