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The Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company has so far completed over 840 km ...

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Maga Piyasa

The MagaPiyasa Holiday Resort, managed by the MNRCE offers you economic...

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Training School

Located in Kundasale, just 7 km away from the City of Kandy, 350 m from the Kandy-Mahiyangaya main road...

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Message from the President of Sri Lanka

Maga Neguma is undoubtedly one of  the most technically savvy and quality conscious forces in the roads construction related supply chain management and consultancy services sphere in Sri Lanka and it gives me great pleasure to write this message of greeting for its website.

Infrastructure development is one of the key elements of national development for any country and the services rendered by companies such as Maga Neguma must be appreciated tremendously. Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company (MNRCE) has so far successfully completed 33% of the total road development projects in Sri Lanka, making a significant contribution towards national development. The MNRCEC is also the proud employer of nearly 1000 Sri Lankans, and well- equipped to be a frontrunner in its area of expertise playing a pivotal role in Sri Lanka’s era of growing infrastructural development.

As you may recall the development of highways in order to strengthen local businesses in rural areas is one of the promises made by me in my election manifesto, ‘Maithri Palanayak, Sthavara Ratak’ (Section 10, Page 57). Reliable and reputed organizations such as Maga Neguma make it easier for me to achieve these goals.

I wish Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company every success.

Maithripala Sirisena
July 20, 2015

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