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The Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company has so far completed over 840 km ...

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Maga Piyasa

The MagaPiyasa Holiday Resort, managed by the MNRCE offers you economic...

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Located in Kundasale, just 7 km away from the City of Kandy, 350 m from the Kandy-Mahiyangaya main road...

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Message from the Chairman

Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company (MNRCE) which was established in year 2004, functions under the guidance of the Ministry of University Education & Highways. It is my pleasure to lead an establishment like MNRCE which fulfils the growing need for Road Development in our country.

Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company which hails a large fleet of machinery, skilled & qualified employees is fully engaged in Road Construction work and other major projects playing a pivotal role in Sri Lanka’s rapid infrastructure development thus making a significant Contribution towards national development and winning over the hearts & minds of the Sri Lankans.

A training school has been established in Kundasale by engaging professionals to train the young job seekers in heavy equipment machinery with the objective of achieving employment opportunities in Sri Lanka and overseas for their future betterment. We pay special attention to train youth, as this is one of the a main objectives of the Hon Prime Minister, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe which is a pivotal aspect for the development of Sri Lanka, and MNRCE is proud to be a vital partner in this aspect which is of great national significance that assists to develop the infrastructure of our country.
As Chairman, I would also like to contribute towards the development of rural segment of Sri Lanka by providing them quality roads, etc. which would definitely facilitate transportation and easy accessibility, as these are important aspects to uplift the life style of our rural community.
Steps have been taken to implement a major plan by using modern technology to improve the key activities of Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company ( MNRCE) which would facilitate to carry on with the vision and tasks more efficiently and effectively to reach the set goals of the Company.

I wish Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company (MNRCE) all success !!!

Keerthi Mawellage
Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company

Maga Piyasa
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