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The Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company has so far completed over 840 km ...

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Maga Piyasa

The MagaPiyasa Holiday Resort, managed by the MNRCE offers you economic...

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Training School

Located in Kundasale, just 7 km away from the City of Kandy, 350 m from the Kandy-Mahiyangaya main road...

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Message from the Chairman

We, at the Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company (MNRCE), are committed to the development and improvement of the road and highway infrastructure in Sri Lanka. Historically, roads have paved the way for economies to prosper and from the time the Romans laid the first prototype for modern roads, civilization has never looked back.

Maga Neguma was incorporated in 2004 under the purview of the   Ministry of Roads and Highways to handle emergency and rapid construction requirements around the nation. Today, our professional outfit has grown to become one of the leading road construction companies in Sri Lanka with a powerful fleet of vehicles and state of the art machinery and equipment. Our organization is fully geared to handle the design and construction of a wide variety of roadways which include highways, rural roads, concrete and paving roads. We also provide other services complementary to the construction of roadways such as bridges, culverts, retaining walls, sign-work and road marking services.

We have the capability to manage mega projects simultaneously as Maga Neguma operates its own quarries and our crushing, asphalt and concrete batching plants are located island wide to provide the high-quality raw materials necessary to manage costs and timelines efficiently. This is supplemented by our extensive support services that work in union with these plants and include modern mobile garage units, service stations and training centres that protect and maintain our valuable fleet.

Our globally recognized practical training school offers a wide variety of programmes in the fields of operating, maintaining and managing all types of construction equipment, which creates vocational training and provides our youth with the opportunity to join our experienced team and become skilled professionals in this highly lucrative industry.

With a clear and progressive mandate laid out by the Hon. Minister of Roads and Highways, we are entirely capable and committed to achieving our objectives using cutting-edge technological systems and innovative methods that maintain a high standard of services for our valued shareholders. We continue to navigate our success against international standards in safety and construction and are dedicated to maintaining a competitive advantage in the industry.

Chryshantha Kapuwatte
Maga Neguma Road Construction Equipment Company

Maga Piyasa
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